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Analog Sheep Made into Top Ten in Reverbnation Charts for Electronica in Turkey

March 12, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Guney Ozsan, Music, News

Yay! My electronica project Analog Sheep made into the Top Ten in Reverbnation Charts for Electronica in Turkey, currently in #6. Analog Sheep is also in the Trending Now list of Reverbnation. I love you Istanbul!

You can listen to and download Analog Sheep here:
iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Bandcamp, SoundCloud


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Virtual Reality with Kinect – House Browsing & Painting

September 24, 2012 in Guney Ozsan, Installation, Interactive, News

This is our first interactive installation with our audio visual group Post Illusions. Here, a user roams in a house and paints objects with body movement. This time, I participated as the programmer of this project. Although I didn’t do anything about audio or sound, the background and know-how I developed for this project is very essential for my future projects. I am working on an environment without light, in which you can walk around in a 3D space made of sound. I am expecting to create a feeling that you swim in sounds with volumes.

Virtual Reality with Kinect – House Browsing & Painting from Post Illusions on Vimeo.

Our aim and challenge in this project was to create a first person interactive experience using Kinect and Unity 3D. The user is able to walk around a house, garden and paint objects from a color catalogue interface. We considered if the current motion tracking technology can provide a swift working end user experience for daily usage outside of gaming realm.

…CONTINUE READING: How we realized it?

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