Timesailor – Once Upon a Time (New Album Released)

December 6, 2011 in Album, Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production

Timesailor - Once Upon a TimeWhat would be the outcome when you put 6 very talented musicians into a studio for 1000 hours? I tested it myself. To see the results, take a look into my latest production for Timesailor:

(if you can’t display the player, download trackDownload this track or listen on SoundCloud)

I have realized all the “Recording, Mixing and Mastering” stages in this album. It was a great pleasure to work with such talented musicians. I hope you get the same pleasure while listening.

In the album, there is also an impressive 30 minute rock musical called Dreamwalker. If you like musical theater and progressive rock/metal I think you will love this album.

Album is released in mp3 format. You can download the album from the following pages:
iTunesiTunes UK
AmazonAmazon UK

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