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Outro Music for Wiffen’s YouTube Channel

May 28, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Jingle, Music, News

Beginning tune of my electronica project Analog Sheep‘s “Summer of 86” has became the outro music of the YouTube channel Wiffen. On his channel, Wiffen plays various games and talk about them. As of July 2013, his channel has more than 20.000 subscribers, and about 6.750.000 views.

Wiffen is also a director of the massive online gaming community Machinima´╗┐’s Network Realm. The YouTube channel of Machinima Network Realm has near 1.5M subscribers and 373M views.

Here Wiffen talks about Iron Man Mod from Super Heroes Mod for Minecraft:

Here is the full version of Summer of 86:

And, these are the mp3 download locations for Summer of 86:

Download Analog Sheep on iTunes Download Analog Sheep on Amazon Download Analog Sheep on Google Play Download Analog Sheep on Bandcamp
Listen to Analog Sheep on Spotify Listen to Analog Sheep on Rhapsody Download Analog Sheep on SoundCloud Download Analog Sheep on SoundCloud

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Beat the Funk up in New York

October 13, 2011 in Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production, Theme Song

New York Big Apple

I composed and recorded a theme song for a contest at AudioDraft. The theme song is supposed to be used in a videoblog about a group of entrepreneur students visiting New York for a seminar. A punchy New York style theme of 90 seconds was required so I did hardcore funk.

Let’s beat the funk up in New York together:

Guney Ozsan – Beat the Funk up in New York
(Composer & Producer: Guney Ozsan)
(if you can’t see the player listen to it at SoundCloud)

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