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Minti Kids Dress Up Luca – Original Music & Vocalisation

October 28, 2013 in Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, News, Video Game Music, Vocalisation

I composed original music and made the vocalisation for the children’s game “Minti Kids Dress Up Luca“. The game is published for iPhone and iPad by Minti Kids.

I used my own voice for the vocalisation of the teddy bear Luca. Luca either cheers up or be surprised when you dress him up, gets angry when you take away one of his clothes, and blinks an eye or get bored if you make him wait. Luca’s voice also accompany the menu music as if he is accompanying the song early in the morning while getting ready. In order to add some clumsiness when music settles down Luca becomes surprised and feels difficulty keeping up with the music, and when the music animates Luca becomes relaxed and joins the music.

In the game, we help cute teddy bear Luca to choose its dress and we create our own unique fashion. After dressing up Luca it is possible to take pictures of your children together with Luca using the built-in camera. Suitable for ages 2 and up, accompanied with joyful music and animation Luca may become a close friend of your kid’s.

You can download the game from iTunes:
iTunes: Minti Kids Dress Up Luca

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Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

September 17, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, Music, News, Releases, Single, Video Game Music

“Ankara Misket Dance (Chiptune Electro Swing Version)” from my electronica project Analog Sheep became my second song to hit 1.000 plays on SoundCloud. As expected Turkish audience have a nice contribution on the arrangement of this classic Turkish folk dance.

Let’s recall, Misket Dance (Misket Havasi) is an interesting folk dance from Ankara region of Turkey with a melody appearing only on off-beats. 3rd and 4th 16th’s are also used a lot to embellish melodies. Originally the dancers accompany the music with a special rhythm played with a couple of wooden spoons in each hand (Here, the same rhythm is played with small finger cymbals).

A few number of authentic songs of this style are very popular at Turkish wedding celebrations. 10-20 minutes of sets made of Ankara style dances are played at almost all wedding celebrations. In addition to that, still there is a great number of songs created using the same musical style, its own urban subculture is already emerged especially around Ankara the capital city of Turkey.

Originally the piece is made on request for a video game for children on iOS, “Misket ile Kismet, Bir Ankara Macerasi” (Misket and Kismet, an Ankara Adventure) by Zbam Games and Municipality of Ankara.

Get “Ankara Misket Dance” by Analog Sheep here:

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Minti Kids Fruits & Veggies – Original Music & SFX

August 21, 2013 in Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, News, Video Game Music

I composed original music and made the sound effects (except vocals) for the children’s game “Minti Kids Fruits & Veggies“. The game is published for iPhone and iPad by Minti Kids.

In the game, kids can choose between four seasons and solve three pieces of simple mix & match puzzle to discover which fruits & vegetables grow in which season. As kids solve these puzzles, they learn the name of fruits & vegetables by hearing its pronunciation and seeing how they are written. Suitable for ages 3 and up, the game brings lovely fruit and vegetable characters, joyful music, kid-friendly illustrations, English, French, Turkish and Arabic pronunciations.

You can download the game from iTunes:
iTunes: Minti Kids Fruits & Veggies

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“Robi: Cosmic Savior” is released on iOs

March 21, 2013 in Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, Music, News, Video Game Music

Robi - Cosmic SaviorRobi: Cosmic Savior, the game that I made the music and sound FX is released on iOs platform. Robi is the first game by the studio Gram Games from Istanbul. If you have an iPad or iPhone you can download and play the game for free.

Robi: Cosmic Savior – Trailer

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Rad Skater Apocalypse (Game Soundtrack)

June 21, 2012 in Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, News

My second game music goes to Australia, for the mobile game “Rad Skater – Apocalypse”. This time, we try to save the world from the attack of the pixelated zombies and aliens while we collect colorful vintage casettes.

Edit (January 21, 2013): “Rad Skater Apocalypse” game soundtrack is published as a 4 track EP under my vintage electronic project “Analog Sheep“. It is full of analog modeled synths, solos, vintage dance feeling from Amiga days and positive mood. In addition to that there is a bonus track called “I Miss My Amiga 500“, an ode to Amiga for Amiga crazy fans.

(If you can’t see the music player click here to listen to it on SoundCloud.)

Game Trailer

The good-times soundtrack to the apocalypse!
You may as well enjoy your last moments in time with Amiga 500 inspired analog dance music.

(If you can’t see the video click here to watch it on YouTube.)

Rad Skater is produced by the indie game developer Murray Lorden from Melbourne. Murray and I met through our adoration of the Amiga, and the amazing games and music from our childhood. I sent Murray a track that I made, an ode to Amiga, which helped creating a special bond between us. Growing up in the 80’s, and through this bond, we came to work together on Rad Skater. You can find the iTunes page of the game here.

I started working on the music of Rad Skater from the atmosphere of the Amiga 500 era. The tracks rythmically carry some characteristics of the chip tune style, structurally based on rock music with lots of riffs and solos, and beyond those, they are analog dance tracks.

On January 14, 2013 I will publish the Rad Skater music and my ode to Amiga 500 as a 4 track EP under the name Analog Sheep, my project for collecting my electronic works.

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Out There (Game Soundtrack)

March 7, 2012 in Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, News

I composed this music for an independent game developer in Finland.

The song consists of two parts. The first part (Approach) sets the atmosphere. The second part (Probe) begins with the bass driven groove. It can loop itself seamlessly in the game. The version here is the complete version.

(Composer & Producer: Guney Ozsan)
(If you can’t see the player listen to it at SoundCloud)

The game is called Big Blue World Domination. It is a retro strategy game that you try to conquer the world with secret agents in your super secret base. If you would like to hear the song with the game you can download here (PC). Game atmosphere is close to the classic UFO and simpler. It is prepared for the monthly competition of Adventure Game Studios, so gameplay is not fully tweaked.

Big Blue World Domination - Basebuild

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