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“I Miss My Amiga 500” Hit 1.000 Plays on SoundCloud

October 28, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Music, News

My tribute to Amiga era became my third song to hit 1.000 plays on SoundCloud.

I can call this song as the beginning of Analog Sheep project. I wanted to start my electronic music journey from my oldest inspiration which was my Amiga 500. I need to pay it back before doing anything else.

This song also helped me to create a special connection with Australian indie game developer Muzboz. At those days he was working on his first game Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom!, an arcade runner also inspired by his childhood memories of Amiga. I send him my Amiga tribute and after listening to it he asked me to make music for his game keeping Amiga in mind. I made three more tracks for Muzboz’s game. Later I published a soundtrack EP of the game and added I Miss My Amiga 500 as the bonus track. Here is the complete EP:

If you like you can get Rad Skater Apocalypse EP from this links:

Download on iTunes Download on Amazon Download on Google Play Download on Bandcamp
Listen on Spotify Listen on Rhapsody Listen on Grooveshark Listen on SoundCloud

You can download the game from itunes using this link:
Rad Skater Apocalypse Boom! on iTunes

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Analog Sheep Single “Ankara Misket Dance” is Out

July 24, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Compositions, Game Soundtrack, Guney Ozsan, Music, News, Releases, Single, Video Game Music

“Misket Dance (Misket Havasi)” is an interesting Turkish folk dance with a melody appearing only in synchops. And here goes the chiptune electro swing interpretation of Misket Havasi from my electronic project Analog Sheep.

The piece is made on request for the video game for children on iOS, “Misket ile Kismet, Bir Ankara Macerasi” (Misket and Kismet, an Ankara Adventure) by Zbam Game Studio and Municipality of Ankara.

(If you can’t see the music player click here and listen to it on SoundCloud.)


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Listen to Analog Sheep on Spotify Download Analog Sheep on SoundCloud Download Analog Sheep on SoundCloud

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Analog Sheep YouTube Channel On Air

May 17, 2013 in Analog Sheep, Music, Music Video, News

My electronica project Analog Sheep’s YouTube channel is now online. There are plenty of interesting music videos are on the way. Until then you can play and share music with cover artwork. Subscribe now!

Analog Sheep - YouTube Channel

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