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Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest – Postmortem

June 20, 2012 in Articles and Essays, Blog, Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, Notes, Production, Video Game Production

Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest“Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest” is a first-person audio game without graphics. Before reading the postmortem you can play the game and get information about it here.

This is my second game jam. First one was Global Game jame 2012 Istanbul (GGJ). I went GGJ to make music but because of the heavy snow (extremely heavy) only a few people showed up. In addition to that, all of the games except one were not suitable for music placement. Because of the snow we had to spend two days in the Koc University campus. Then, with a developer that I met there, Kerem Tiryaki, we developed a mobile music game (toy) in unity 3D, based on accelerometer. I liked the idea of games without graphics very much, and since I involved with Unity 3D already, I strated experimenting on it.

When the theme of the GDT Jam announced as escape, the idea of 3 dimensional sound and escape seemed very suitable with each other. According to my initial design monsters were supposed to run after us and we will try to understan where they were coming from. The winning condition was to reach a soothing sound or music. With running our heart rate and breathing would speed up but running too fast would cause a heart attack. So I planned the create a balance between heart attack and monsters chasing, creating adrenaline with sounds aiming our subcounscious, heart beat, breathing, roaring.

Of course I couldn’t reach that conclusion in 48 hours. The resulting game was a single monster lost, and we are trying to find him. Why it ended like that?..

…READ MORE: Production stage, difficulties, experience gained, audio optimization suggestions…

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Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest (GDT Jam 1)

June 20, 2012 in Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, News, Production, Video Game Music, Video Game Production

GDT Jam 1 LogoThis weekend (June 15-17) I joined the online “GDT Jam 1” organized by Game Developers Turkey (GDT) group. This is my second game jam. The first one was Global Game Jam 2012 Istanbul. There we had made an audio game (or a music toy) with Kerem Tiryaki. In this jam, I did another audio game (Game is embedded below this post).

The theme of the jam was “escape”. I decided to make a first-person audio game without graphics. I used binaural audio technique. The classic panning is not used for giving the direction of the sound. In panning, only the volume of the sounds between left and right channels are adjusted, resulting in the audio to be laid out on a one dimensional line. In binaural technique I used here, different audio information is passed to both ears. Of course take this version as a prototype. I needed to complete this one in 48 hours. I will be working on the project.

Although the result is a small game, I gained much experience from this event. The postmortem that I write about the development process mentions problems, experiences and notes on audio optimization in Unity 3D.

A total of 16 games are made in the GDT Jam. We had a good conversation with the community in the IRC channel. You can see and play all the games of “GDT Jam 1” in GDT Jam page.


Canavar─▒m─▒z Karabasan Glok is lost in the Musical Forest. Please find an catch him for us.

…READ MORE: You can play the game in the rest of this post.

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Fairy Got Killed – Album is Out (June 2012)

June 13, 2012 in Album, Album, Compositions, Guney Ozsan, Music, Music Production, News, Production, Releases

Guney Ozsan - Fairy Got Killed - Album Cover by Ozge Senogul

  • How is the mind of a fairy right after it gets killed?
  • Take a psychological journey through a confused mind.
  • A concept album made of post-modern mix of emotions through electronic music
    with experimental jazz and ambient influences.
  • The fantastic hand drawn cover by Ozge Senogul will also provide you new horizons in this trip.


Mp3 download locations:

  • Bandcamp (320 kbps mp3 or 192kHz/24bit lossless FLAC) + (artwork wallpaper)
  • iTunes (256 kbps mp3)
  • (256 kbps mp3)
    Note: At Bandcamp 85% of the revenue generated reaches the artist, on the other hand, only 55% of the revenue generated by iTunes or Amazon reaches the artist. If you pay attention to where your support goes, you can provide more support to the independent community.


Fairy Got Killed ” is a concept album that I made between the years 2000 and 2005. At those days there wasn’t any suitable environment for independent music publishing, so I kept the project for myself. Then life drifted me to projects involving other people. Academy, bands, live music… I had to freeze my inner self at that point. 7 years later, now I caught the chance to return to my singularity…

…CONTINUE READING: The story behind!

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Global Game Jam 2012 Istanbul

January 30, 2012 in Blog, Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, Music, Production, Video Game Music, Video Game Production

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a 48 hours event which takes place simultaneously all around the world and it is organized annualy. People who are interested in developing video games get together and try to find ideas and develop a video game on that years theme from scratch. All of the stages such as idea, design, development, test is realized within 48 hours. …Read the rest here…

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Timesailor – Once Upon a Time (New Album Released)

December 6, 2011 in Album, Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production

Timesailor - Once Upon a TimeWhat would be the outcome when you put 6 very talented musicians into a studio for 1000 hours? I tested it myself. To see the results, take a look into my latest production for Timesailor:

(if you can’t display the player, download trackDownload this track or listen on SoundCloud)

I have realized all the “Recording, Mixing and Mastering” stages in this album. It was a great pleasure to work with such talented musicians. I hope you get the same pleasure while listening.

In the album, there is also an impressive 30 minute rock musical called Dreamwalker. If you like musical theater and progressive rock/metal I think you will love this album.

Album is released in mp3 format. You can download the album from the following pages:
iTunesiTunes UK
AmazonAmazon UK

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Timesailor – Flow (New production)

October 28, 2011 in Album, Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production, Releases, Single

The second song “Flow” from Timesailor’s upcoming album “Once Upon a Time” is released.

“Once Upon a Time” is one of my significant projects as a producer. Mixing, Mastering and the Recording Sessions are realized by me. Working with such talented musicians was a great pleasure.

Album will be released soon, including a 30 minutes long superb progressive rock musical. Keep in touch.

(If you can’t see the video Watch on Youtube)

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Beat the Funk up in New York

October 13, 2011 in Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production, Theme Song

New York Big Apple

I composed and recorded a theme song for a contest at AudioDraft. The theme song is supposed to be used in a videoblog about a group of entrepreneur students visiting New York for a seminar. A punchy New York style theme of 90 seconds was required so I did hardcore funk.

Let’s beat the funk up in New York together:

Guney Ozsan – Beat the Funk up in New York
(Composer & Producer: Guney Ozsan)
(if you can’t see the player listen to it at SoundCloud)

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Timesailor – The Voice Within (New Production)

October 8, 2011 in Album, Guney Ozsan, Mail List, Music Production, News, Production, Releases, Single

One of my projects as a producer is now complete and the first song “The Voice Within” by Timesailor is released.

Two more independent songs┬áand a 30 minutes of rock musical will be released one by one. I’ll keep you updated.

Mixing, Mastering and the Recording Sessions are realized by me.

(This one is a personally touching piece for me. I wish the same for you!)

(If you can’t see the video Watch on Youtube)

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