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Helpful Resources

April 23, 2014 in Blog, Resources, Tips

Here is a list of useful resources on any subject that interests me. I started this as a personal list but I bet it is better to keep it public. It may be helpful to someone someday, who knows:) I’ll try to keep the list as active and dynamic as possible.

Game Mechanic Explorer
A collection of concrete examples for various game mechanics, algorithms, and effects.

Visual Programming Languages – Snapshots
List of useful visual programming languages with screenshots and links. The writer’s criteria of how they pick the entries is: “We just find their solutions interesting.”

Online Game Development Tools
List of free tools to create games online on browsers.

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Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest – Postmortem

June 20, 2012 in Articles and Essays, Blog, Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, Notes, Production, Video Game Production

Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest“Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest” is a first-person audio game without graphics. Before reading the postmortem you can play the game and get information about it here.

This is my second game jam. First one was Global Game jame 2012 Istanbul (GGJ). I went GGJ to make music but because of the heavy snow (extremely heavy) only a few people showed up. In addition to that, all of the games except one were not suitable for music placement. Because of the snow we had to spend two days in the Koc University campus. Then, with a developer that I met there, Kerem Tiryaki, we developed a mobile music game (toy) in unity 3D, based on accelerometer. I liked the idea of games without graphics very much, and since I involved with Unity 3D already, I strated experimenting on it.

When the theme of the GDT Jam announced as escape, the idea of 3 dimensional sound and escape seemed very suitable with each other. According to my initial design monsters were supposed to run after us and we will try to understan where they were coming from. The winning condition was to reach a soothing sound or music. With running our heart rate and breathing would speed up but running too fast would cause a heart attack. So I planned the create a balance between heart attack and monsters chasing, creating adrenaline with sounds aiming our subcounscious, heart beat, breathing, roaring.

Of course I couldn’t reach that conclusion in 48 hours. The resulting game was a single monster lost, and we are trying to find him. Why it ended like that?..

…READ MORE: Production stage, difficulties, experience gained, audio optimization suggestions…

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OFFF Festival

March 3, 2012 in Blog, Events

The aim of the OFFF Festival which has been going on around the world for 10 years is to create a post-digital cultural festival. Actually the aim of the festival is digital visual design. But I gave it a go when I heard that the people giving presentations are the number one’s of the world. Father of the graphic design Neville Brody, premier of Flash design Joshua Davis, and The Mill who got the academy award with the movie Gladiator and collected various awards of Bafta was there. …Read the rest here…

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Game Developers Turkey – Istanbul Meeting

February 26, 2012 in Blog, Events

In the beginning, this group is formed about a month ago under the name “Game Developers @─░stanbul” as a Facebook group. Growing fast and wide, the name is changed to “Game Developers Turkey (GDT)”. Recently the first gathering is organized to meet people.

There is a nice beginning of activity and development of substructure of game development in Turkey. When I first moved to dormitory in ’98 there were software engineers all around me. I was also making music in my room. Everything was very convenient but there wasn’t any environment existing in Turkey to fire up such a perception. According to my initial observations, for now it is not possible for the sector to support itself domestically. So it should be better to head towards international market.

Facebook Page of the group: Game Developers Turkey – Facebook Group

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Global Game Jam 2012 Istanbul

January 30, 2012 in Blog, Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, Music, Production, Video Game Music, Video Game Production

Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a 48 hours event which takes place simultaneously all around the world and it is organized annualy. People who are interested in developing video games get together and try to find ideas and develop a video game on that years theme from scratch. All of the stages such as idea, design, development, test is realized within 48 hours. …Read the rest here…

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Help for Earthquake in Turkey

October 28, 2011 in Activism, Blog, Mail List, News

A devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck the city of Van (eastern Turkey) on Sunday, Oct 23, 2011. As of Oct 27, 535 people lost their lives and there are 2,300 injuries. 185 people recovered from under the debris. 3,713 buildings (5,250 households) damaged to the degree that they are not suitable for housing anymore. (Source)

The region urgently needs some supplies and tents suitable for hard winter conditions (Seasonal average is around 0 degrees Celcius).

The following donation funds are established:

Please help by either donating or sharing the links:

Turkish Red Crescent Society
Online Donation for Van Earthquake
List of Turkish Red Crescent Bank IBAN numbers

Global Giving
Global Giving – Turkey Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund

Help the Children
Help the Children – Help Turkey

Van Earthquake in Turkey (Photo Source:

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Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome

September 21, 2011 in Blog, Casual, Health

Sleeping daytimeA few days ago, I discovered that I have been suffering from Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS) for very long years . Its caused most probably by genetic factors. And according to my own experience it is a common syndrome in musicians and artists. So I felt I need to write about it.

Read how I try to overcome DSPS Ôćĺ

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