Karabasan Glok in the Musical Forest (GDT Jam 1)

June 20, 2012 in Events, Game Jam, Guney Ozsan, News, Production, Video Game Music, Video Game Production

GDT Jam 1 LogoThis weekend (June 15-17) I joined the online “GDT Jam 1” organized by Game Developers Turkey (GDT) group. This is my second game jam. The first one was Global Game Jam 2012 Istanbul. There we had made an audio game (or a music toy) with Kerem Tiryaki. In this jam, I did another audio game (Game is embedded below this post).

The theme of the jam was “escape”. I decided to make a first-person audio game without graphics. I used binaural audio technique. The classic panning is not used for giving the direction of the sound. In panning, only the volume of the sounds between left and right channels are adjusted, resulting in the audio to be laid out on a one dimensional line. In binaural technique I used here, different audio information is passed to both ears. Of course take this version as a prototype. I needed to complete this one in 48 hours. I will be working on the project.

Although the result is a small game, I gained much experience from this event. The postmortem that I write about the development process mentions problems, experiences and notes on audio optimization in Unity 3D.

A total of 16 games are made in the GDT Jam. We had a good conversation with the community in the IRC channel. You can see and play all the games of “GDT Jam 1” in GDT Jam page.


Canavar─▒m─▒z Karabasan Glok is lost in the Musical Forest. Please find an catch him for us.

W or Up Arrow– move forwards
S or Down Arrow – move backwards
Mouse – turn/look around (very low sensitivity)

Don’t wiat for any graphics to appear, this is an audio game with binaural sound.
You must wear headphones to get the 3D sound effect.


  • Wearing headphones is a must..
  • Eyes closed is suggested. Different visual input breaks the psychologic effect of binaural audio.
  • In order to keep the feeling of surroundings, Turn around slowly.
  • In the beginning, move straight forward and try to hear Karabasan Glok roaring.
  • When you hear him, turn and head towards him.
  • Get close to him, when he feels you he will make a soothing sound.
  • He will respawn somewhere in the forest, so that you can continue looking for him.

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