Fairy Got Killed – Album is Out (June 2012)

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Guney Ozsan - Fairy Got Killed - Album Cover by Ozge Senogul

  • How is the mind of a fairy right after it gets killed?
  • Take a psychological journey through a confused mind.
  • A concept album made of post-modern mix of emotions through electronic music
    with experimental jazz and ambient influences.
  • The fantastic hand drawn cover by Ozge Senogul will also provide you new horizons in this trip.


Mp3 download locations:

  • Bandcamp (320 kbps mp3 or 192kHz/24bit lossless FLAC) + (artwork wallpaper)
  • iTunes (256 kbps mp3)
  • Amazon.com (256 kbps mp3)
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Fairy Got Killed ” is a concept album that I made between the years 2000 and 2005. At those days there wasn’t any suitable environment for independent music publishing, so I kept the project for myself. Then life drifted me to projects involving other people. Academy, bands, live music… I had to freeze my inner self at that point. 7 years later, now I caught the chance to return to my singularity…

So, it was just the right time to bring the death of the fairy into life. Although my personality and musicality changed a lot in this period, I chose to stick hard to my vision in the first half of 2000’s. I left the guy who made this pieces alone. I kept the sounds that I picked, left the notes recorded as they are. It needed to be authentic because, for me, it was an interesting look into my inner self 7-8 years ago. I was digging through the details of a snapshot of my own self frozen in 2005. For each audio channel I recorded I was going deeper in this details. Honestly, I was surprised by my mental state at that time. It was a really exciting experience. It was like finding the notes you wrote years ago and read them again and again for days. It was like having a sub-conscious communication in time through the years. I hope you can experience this feeling too.

As the names mention, the tracks 2 and 4, “Fairy Got Killed” and “Manifest of a Dead Fairy” are the basic drive for the concept. I didn’t follow a plot or storyline while composing. The music made its own way into somewhat of a drama. Then the concept just appeared as it is. Then this flow is formed:

The Sunset Lounge Edit of the piece “Sunshine” is not listed in the flow because the idea for it came into my mind during the mixing stage. Because of this I added it as a bonus track special to the Bandcamp edition of the album.

I always like representing psychology of some abstract cases with music. It is a dense feeling. I always like the realistic elements in stories. They are filled with intense psychology and horror. I don’t know why we treat them as child’s toys. I think they can be really traumatic for children. On the other side, adults can benefit more from them.

Everything you hear is coming out of a Korg Triton Classic make 2000. In order to make you feel this classic vintage machine, I recorded the album at 192 kHz and applied a minimal mixing and mastering process in a 64 bit depth engine. If you are an audiophile and still can hear some artifact, it is from the internal sound and age of the synth.

The artwork is a painting of my dear friend Ozge Senogul. She is also a fashion designer. She really has some amazing paintings full of interesting psychology and atmosphere. They feel like almost animated and flowing. I feel lucky being one of the few who could see the paintings. She wrote to me after listening to the album: “It feels like a fantastic play. Especially “Fairy Got Killed” and “Manifest of a Dead Fairy“, for me, are flying with wings.” Many thanks to her.

Composer and Producer: Guney Ozsan
Cover Artwork: Ozge Senogul
Release Date: 05 June 2012
some rights reservedsome rights reserved

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