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February 15, 2012 in E-Zine, Electronic, Guney Ozsan, Music

This is my musical and visual e-zine.
You can also call it a readable radio-tv with a self-service play button.

Guney OzsanI encounter a lot of things worth sharing and most of them get lost in the dusty walls of Facebook. So, I decided to collect and publish them in my blog. I will mostly try to share beautiful and interesting works of the artists that are not easy to access. I’ve placed music players and videos for my selections. Take your time while reading, listening, watching.

In this issue we are going electronic in a wide range.


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A house in Munich. The equipment is set in the kitchen. Live electronics without a computer. Only lights are from the instruments and devices. A calm groove. Home-partylike atmosphere. No dirty crowd, when communication with the crowd is considered signal-to-noise ratio is quite high. The way of director has its own beauty:

And, this is from their SoundCloud page:

I discovered Hasan Ozsut through my friend Isil Yucel from music college. She is also the singer and the violin player in this song. Hasan Ozsut is Turkish and I think he lives in Los Angeles. Very succesful work:

I discovered this man in a very awkward place, LinkedIn. He is a French guy called Olivier Girardo living in Germany. He also composes soundtracks for movies. The album is more Trip-Hop but I picked his groovy pieces for here:

The pieces I picked from his BandCamp site:

You can listen to the album here or buy as an mp3/FLAC.

Feed Me is John Gooch’s (Spor) electro house project.

When I shared this song, I had defined it as “Swimming in sugarlike synths“. I liked this style so that I can make an album which consists of only such synths.

Regarding Feed Me’ye, all five of the songs in his last album “Feed Me’s Escape From Electric Mountain” was in the Hot list of SoundCloud (only one leakage). There are quite hard and electro synths in the album. The style is mainly Progressive House and Funk, and it invites you to dance with a strong beat and references to IDM. Of course there are close encounters with Dubstep but if you are full of seeing dubstep everywhere don’t frightened because of that. I especially loved his approach to composition. Come on, let’s get harder:

This is a project that brings us back to the Commodore 64 era. Actually I am an Amiga 500 guy, but I caught Commodore slightly. The info in their page ends with “Komodor Project is an attempt to pay our tribute to those people and those days when games where simpler, but somehow more colorful than today”. I wish they had an opportunity to record the vocals cleaner but but with all its naivity it is a beautiful project. The lyrics are in Turkish but I suggest to read the translations, you will love it.

Komodor Project Homepage

This one is our favorite, “Bölüm sonu canavarı (Level Boss, or End of the Level Monster with direct translation)”. I put it in the end on purpose:)

You were my level boss (end of the level monster)
My only love for years
Worked hard for you
Never gave up

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